Collections Agencies Now Slapping Liens on Patients’ Homes After Unpaid Surprise Bills

It’s a sad story that we’ve unfortunately heard more times of late than we’d care to admit: the tragic tale of the consumer who did everything right only to fall victim to everything that’s wrong about the current healthcare system. We’re talking about the practice of surprise billing, also known as balance billing, and it’s starting to affect much more than just the health of Americans.

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Survey: Doctors Share Interest in Drug Costs but Fail to Monitor for Adherence

While there’s plenty of evidence and feedback on how consumers feel about the price of drugs, there has been less detail made public about how physicians view these soaring costs and what they consider their role in the supply chain to be. However, a recent OptimizeRX survey that polled more than 600 providers found drug costs to be top of mind for doctors in the same way they are for consumers.

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List of the Most Expensive Drugs Sees Continued Increases, New Meds Added

When it comes to most consumer goods, the flashy new items are the ones that fetch the highest dollar. Meanwhile, the price of the ordinary, decades-old models without the latest bells and whistles tend to remain relatively flat and unchanged. As an example of this pattern, you can look no further than vacuums.

Unfortunately, outpatient drugs aren’t like vacuums.

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