Exclusive Rights for Drugs Leading to Skyrocketing Costs

There was a time when hospitals stocked Intensive Care Units with vasopressin like it was a common antibiotic. The inexpensive price tag supported buying the drug in bulk, and its use to fight sepsis and restore the flow of blood to vital organs like the brain made it an essential component of any crash cart.

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Podcast: NC Senator Ralph Hise Talks Surprise Billing and the Proposal to Stop it

When it comes to consumerism in health care, one of the most important things we constantly urge for our readers is to be a knowledgeable consumer. That means doing the preparation in advance to know what type of out-of-pocket costs you might expect so that you can best prepare for your financial responsibility as a patient.

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CDC: Americans Asking for Cheaper Drugs, Skipping Doses Due to Inflated Costs

While the toll taken on Americans by rising drug costs shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, a new report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shed light on the depths of that impact.

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