This Time When My Water Breaks, Take Me To A Hospital Without Surprise Bills

By Rachel Bluth for Kaiser Health News

When it comes to having a baby, that bundle of joy may bring an unexpected price tag that can affect parents’ future health care choices.

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NC Shines Brightest During March Madness

The words “The Shot” have a special meaning for college basketball fans around the country (save for those in Lexington, Kentucky, and Chapel Hill). “The Shot,” of course, refers to the play made by Duke’s Christian Laettner to snatch victory from the Kentucky Wildcats and send the Blue Devils to the 1992 Final Four.

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Festivals Highlight North Carolina Happenings All Year Long

We’d say you could call it “festival season,” but that wouldn’t be quite right. That’s because in North Carolina, we’re fortunate to have an assortment of fun and funky festivals year-round. From food to music to gardens to boats, and so much more, there’s a festival in North Carolina for all ages, tastes, and interests this year.

We’ve selected just a few of our favorites, but we want to hear from you if there are any you think we missed. Be sure to leave us a note in the comments here on our blog or on Facebook to let us know!

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Phrma Blames the Hostage Negotiator for Killing the Hostage

I don’t want to live in a world with hostage negotiators.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m deeply thankful that there are people who are willing, able and skilled at doing such a difficult job. But I wish we lived in a world where there were no evil people who were willing to take hostages.

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Who is Pharma Going to Blame When PBMs are Gone and Drug Prices are Still Crazy?

The pharmaceutical industry, who make our drugs (good) and then set outlandish prices for them (bad), has developed a unique logic to blame PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers - the people whose job it is to negotiate lower prices for consumers) for the higher price of drugs.

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Hospital Chargemasters Leading to Confused Patients, Questions About Costs

A new federal law praised for what some considered a giant leap toward increased healthcare transparency may be making an already-confusing experience even more confusing. The rule effective Jan. 1 requires hospitals to publicize prices online for any services they offer. Unfortunately for patients, early reports on the process have not been favorable.

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