Mardi Gras 2019 in NC: Crawls, Balls, Parades, and Paws

From the bustling scenes of Charlotte and the Triangle, to the sleepy seaside town of Ocean Isle Beach, up to the serene mountainous setting of Asheville, and everywhere in between, North Carolinians will soon be letting the good times roll at events across the state in celebration of Mardi Gras.

French for “Fat Tuesday,” Mardi Gras officially occurs on March 5, but celebrations take place throughout the Tar Heel State in the weeks leading up to and after Fat Tuesday. We’ve compiled a few here that might be the perfect spot for you to get your N’awlins on.  

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College Tuition or Healthcare? N.C. Mom Chooses Her Children’s Education Over Her Own Healthcare

Olga Kennedy is busy woman. She works 7 days a week at Aqua Squad Pool and Spa Service which she owns with her husband, she’s a fulltime mom to two children, and she teaches English and general education classes at a private college in Raleigh, N.C. But despite all of her hard work and success, she still finds health insurance out of her reach. She, like so many other North Carolinians, had to make hard decisions balancing her personal health needs with her family's financial ones. In this week’s episode of “The Cost of Health,” we spoke to Olga about the hard choice she had to make between paying for healthcare for herself, or college for her daughter.

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Let’s Talk About “letstalkaboutcost”

PhRMA, the gang that lobbies for the pharmaceutical industry nationally, has a heavily promoted website in which they want to talk to us about cost. 

This is very much in the wheelhouse of the Coalition, so sure! Let’s talk.

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Why do Pharmaceutical Companies hate PBMs so much?

You may have been hearing a lot about Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) recently. That’s because the pharmaceutical industry needs to point the finger at someone for the rising cost of drugs and has decided PBMs make a convenient scapegoat for the rising price of drugs in America. And to their credit, they are doing a great job of getting their message out there.

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Study Finds Pharma Dollars Directly Linked to Opioid Deaths

Targeted marketing is a strategy companies use to increase sales of a product or service. The theory is that the more times you see or interact with an advertisement, the more likely you are to purchase the advertised product.

But what happens when those strategies evolve from pushing electronics, clothes, and appliances? What happens when those strategies start pushing potentially dangerous and habit-forming medications?

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Blue Cross NC to Lead Partnership Aimed at Halting Healthcare Cost Increases

A new coordinated healthcare partnership called Blue Premier aims to stop North Carolinians from seeing red over rising costs and inefficient care.

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