Study Finds the Cost of Lifesaving Drugs Outpacing U.S. Inflation

In June 2017, Alec Raeshawn Smith died alone in his Minnesota apartment.

According to his obituary, the cause of death was diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)—an event that occurs as a result of a shortage of insulin in the body. The 26-year-old Smith was a Type 1 (T1) diabetic who had been rationing his insulin because he couldn’t afford to pay for his own after aging out of his parents’ insurance plan.  

Smith’s story is all-too-familiar for many Americans who have made the grueling decision to either ration or go without essential medications due to a meteoric rise in prescription drug costs. And now one study from the University of Pittsburgh has concluded the costs of lifesaving drugs—like the insulin Smith required—are rising faster than U.S. inflation rates.

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Hope You’re Sitting Down: Hospital Charges $4,700 For A Fainting Spell

By Phil Galewitz for Kaiser Health News

Matt Gleason had skipped getting a flu shot for more than a decade.

But after suffering a nasty bout of the virus last winter, he decided to get vaccinated at his Charlotte, N.C., workplace in October. “It was super easy and free,” said Gleason, 39, a sales operations analyst.

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Widespread Flu Outbreak on Pace to Break Record Numbers in NC

The holiday season may now be behind us, but influenza (flu) season in North America is just ramping up—and North Carolinians should take note.

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Here’s How to Make the Most of NC’s Winter Wonderland

One of the greatest things about living in North Carolina is that the weather outside is rarely frightful. And the outdoor activities in the winter are so delightful!

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Counting ‘em Down: The Top 10 Stories from the NCCFH Blog in 2018

As we ring in 2019, we’re so excited to continue our mission of shining a light on rising healthcare costs in North Carolina and are thrilled to have you joining us on that journey. But before we completely turn the page on last year, we wanted to reflect on the milestones and significant stories that were important to our cause in 2018.

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Insurers and Other Groups Taking a Stand Against Surprise Medical Bills to Protect Patients

A coalition of nine groups, including insurers, businesses, and consumers, recently banded together to announce that they would be supporting federal legislation to protect patients from unexpected medical bills.

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