What is a Mandate?


And Why Should You Care?

Mandates Drive Up Your Healthcare Costs. Period.

Mandates are state-based legislation that require North Carolina businesses and individuals to pay more for their health insurance coverage by forcing insurance companies to pay for extra benefits. They increase your premiums. Unfortunately, these bills are business-as-usual for the North Carolina General Assembly, and we want to do something about it.

Mandates cost North Carolina an average of $218.7 million per year. In the past 30 years, they have cost us more than $7 billion. That’s billion. With a “B.”

In 2015-2016, 10 separate mandates were proposed at the NCGA. They include measures to:

  • Cover expensive new drugs at the same price as generics
  • Pay non-medical professionals at the same rate as licensed medical professionals

The list goes on, and it’s not pretty. The threat of these cost-increasing pieces of legislation is real and increasingly prevalent.

How does this happen? Special interest groups convince legislators to propose these bills and then resort to emotional arguments to the public that only tell half the story.

For instance, one mandate that’s in our sights right now makes insurance companies treat chiropractors like licensed primary care physicians. But chiropractic services only benefit a small percentage of North Carolina’s population. Is that fair? We don’t think so.

Fighting mandates is becoming more difficult each year. The North Carolina Coalition for Fiscal Health is a full-time, non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting North Carolina citizens — to protecting you — from the incredible cost increases we’re seeing in our healthcare system. Premium payers should get the value they deserve and want from their health insurance. We’re trying to make that happen.

The fact is, mandates will increase your healthcare costs. And that’s an argument worth paying attention to.

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  • Al Terego
    commented 2017-03-03 22:44:52 -0500
    >>one mandate that’s in our sights right now makes insurance companies treat chiropractors like licensed primary care physicians. But chiropractic services only benefit a small percentage of North Carolina’s population. Is that fair?

    Cardiologists and oncologists only benefit a small percentage of North Carolina’s population. So should they also be treated differently from licensed primary care physicians?
  • Jeff Herring
    commented 2017-01-05 08:54:36 -0500
    This is total nonsense. The GOP state legislature here barely believes any of the non-corporate entities that they fool into voting for them every 2 years even need health insurance. In the words of Scrooge: “let them die and reduce the surplus population.” It’s much cheaper that way because then more tax money can be showered on corporations – e.g., the CSX Rocky Mount transfer station$100 million con-job giveaway from last year..
  • Alan Ostmann
    commented 2017-01-04 23:07:54 -0500
    Mandates are necessary to force these loathsome insurance companies to do what they are paid to do, cover insured. Without mandates they would strip benefits to the bare minimum. The politicians who want to repeal these mandates are those in the pockets of the insurance companies.
  • Wilma Lynn Brooks
    commented 2016-12-29 09:56:31 -0500
    I am against raising cost of insurance or premiums. However, people need to realize that they need to save, invest, and pay for some medical services, just as you pick and choose your cable-internet packages. That small reimbursement that is given to the medical profession barely covers the price of academic training, licensing, and the treatments for patients.

    The solution is to deregulate the industry housed under the Department of Health and Human Services. Let insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, and practitioners compete for the public’s dollars. What we will see, is better service and lower prices.

    Like every thing else in America, you have to pay for premium service.
  • Carol Dillinger
    commented 2016-12-28 11:01:54 -0500
    It is totally wrong for them not to pay for a chiropractor. They do more good and have the same education as any other doctor. If it wasn’t for them in would not be walking.
  • Carol Dillinger
    followed this page 2016-12-28 11:01:52 -0500
  • Patti Ulirsch
    commented 2016-11-29 12:03:05 -0500
    We should be taking a look at the pay of insurance CEO’s and stockholder profits instead of deflecting in such a way so that consumers won’t know that they are losing reasonable coverage under the guise of calling them “mandates.” Chiropractors should be covered, for example…a great deal cheaper than having surgery and safer than being prescribed addictive painkillers. This page is another misuse of the 501c4 category, pretending to be educational while actually promoting a political agenda….lobbying taken to an even mire deceptive level.
  • Pauline Smith
    commented 2016-11-21 11:02:23 -0500
    I would love to see a list of the NC mandates. Mandates made many of the insurance companies pay for mammograms. I remember when they weren’t covered in many states. Also, do you realize Chiropractors have the same training as MD’s except they are taught how to adjust our spines and do things other than prescribing drugs? I don’t support all insurance mandates, but have to wonder where you are coming from. Obama Care is the plan with the mandates and that have made the cost go up so much. It’s a bad program, and the insurance companies have to comply with it’s demands.


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