About Us

The North Carolina Coalition for Fiscal Health is a 501(c)(4) corporation, organized as a nonpartisan group focused on economic issues and the rising cost of healthcare in North Carolina. We’re here to talk about improving the fiscal health of all North Carolinians.

So What is fiscal health, anyway?

Fiscal Health (n): North Carolina healthcare policy issues as they affect the inter-related financial states of individuals, their businesses, and their communities.

Right now, North Carolina has pretty poor fiscal health. Pricy health benefits mandated by our state legislature affect absolutely everything in North Carolina’s economy, from the success of that independent hardware store around the corner all the way to the state’s yearly budget. 

Health benefits costs are an obstacle to economic growth. We want to remove the obstacle.

As your advocates, we will...

  • Share educational materials and content about why costs are going up and what that means for North Carolina.
  • Provide timely updates to members on important health-related legislative issues, including health benefit mandates that could increase the cost of healthcare.
  • Mobilize members to speak with legislators about legislation that would ease the cost burden of North Carolina businesses and individuals.