Take Action: Email Your Legislator to Help Control Dialysis Costs

July 02, 2019

Earlier this month, we went in depth about the cost of a single dialysis treatment with DaVita, one of the largest dialysis center chains in North Carolina and across the United States. According to one State Senator, North Carolina has some of the highest dialysis costs in the country

One of the biggest reasons for these astronomical costs is lack of competition. Unfortunately for North Carolina, that won’t change without political action. Our state has what are called Certificate of Need or CON laws, which are archaic regulations that restrict the number of medical facilities in any given area. 

It’s time the state made a change to these outdated CON laws to open up the marketplace. If they don’t, North Carolinians battling kidney disease will continue paying exorbitant prices for treatment.

Here’s how you can get involved

Action Needed

Email Your Legislator to Help Control Dialysis Costs

Outdated Certificate of Need laws are preventing competition among dialysis clinics. This results in some of the highest costs per treatment in the country which hurt our families and businesses.

Some clinics charge thousands of dollars per treatment - millions of dollars for a single patient per year - while Medicare pays around $250 for the same treatment. 

Tell your representative to reform CON for dialysis, now!

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