Introducing…Mandate Mondays! (It was only a matter of time.)

January 02, 2017

You know why you’re here. You know what we’re about. (If you don’t, read all about our mission here. We’ll wait.

Welcome to your first Mandate Monday.

The NC legislature is raising your healthcare costs. We’re here to do something about it.

Mandate Mondays are where we get really specific about mandates: legislation going on in our state that’s raising everyone’s healthcare costs. Like, really specific. You’ll be getting fed hard, cold facts on individual mandates that are hanging out in NC General Assembly file folders collecting dust — and money. Lots of money.

Did you know that mandates cost North Carolina an average of $218.7 million per year? Yeah. We’re trying to fathom that much dough, too.

Here's how it's gone down:


Translation: mandates are incredibly expensive laws.

If you’re thinking that “Total Economic Cost” box has a glaring typo, think again. It’s billions of dollars — and these are taxpayer dollars we’re talking about, here. YOUR dollars.

So for every Monday from now until Kingdom Come, we’ll be talking about mandates on the books in the North Carolina legislature and what you can do to stop them. Welcome. Stay awhile. We have a lot to chat about.

If you believe that healthcare should be affordable for all, join us in fighting back against mandates that drive up the cost of healthcare.


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