Megasite in Liberty Is a Go, and Some Landowners Aren’t Happy

July 25, 2016

Well, it’s official: the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite is on.

A megasite is a land development put together by a group of developers and government entities or universities. They promote “business clusters.” Think industrial parks where manufacturers can take up shop, or research parks like RTP.

So what’s the real deal with megasites? Let’s play Good Idea/Bad Idea.

Good Idea: These organizations put a lot of money toward improving infrastructure like roads, utilities and landscaping initiatives in order to make sites ready for big business to move in, which can end up benefiting the local community.

Bad Idea: That means traffic. Lots of traffic.

Good Idea: It also means jobs! Lots of jobs!

Bad Idea: People lose their family land. Though this megasite is paying for farmland near Liberty rather than asserting eminent domain, there’s considerable opposition to it from local landowners. They think that the developers haven’t paid a fair price for land and that the megasite will affect the health of both humans and livestock.

The local landowners are likely outvoted, especially after this month’s certification of the site, which represents a huge milestone in the progress of the project.

Read more about the certification here.

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