Thanks, North Carolina! Love, Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity in Union and Anson counties is getting some awesome sauce from the state. A $100,000 grant from the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund (NCHTF) will let Habitat make urgent home repairs for more than 30 homes and build at least ten more. They’ll focus on citizens with disabilities and seniors whose homes desperately need work to keep them safe. Single-parent homes, families with more than five kids or with sick kids, and veterans will also be in the mix.

So where does grant money come from? The General Assembly, mostly. While NCHTF’s administrative costs are taken care of by a separate, self-funded organization, all the money for their “brick and mortar” work comes out of the NC budget.

The Anson/Union Habitat for Humanity grant is fantastic, but it’s also true that the recession hurt our ability to allocate more in recent years. Like, a lot: from $50 million in 2005 down to $6.8 million ten years later. 

You can learn more about the grant here, and more about funding for NCHTF here.

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