The Top 5 Haunted House Attractions in North Carolina

October 31, 2018

There’s something about masked creatures wielding chainsaws jumping out of the corner and chasing after you that really get the heart rate going. Ahh, Halloween. We don’t seek these kinds of thrills and chills any other time of the year, but October and the lead up to Halloween bring out even the most wary of us out with some friends to enjoy the spookier side of life.

Things that go bump in the night come alive in the haunted attractions scattered throughout North Carolina. Just in time for Halloween, the NC Coalition for Fiscal Health would like to present the scariest, spookiest haunted house attractions in North Carolina:

Please be warned that all of these attractions can be disturbing to children under the age of 12. Some places may offer kid-friendly alternatives. Proceed at your own risk.

The Horror Fields

  • Address: 4270 Helena Street, Hudson, NC 28638
  • 2017 Winner of “North Carolina Haunt of the Year”
  • Be warned: Touching and grabbing by actors IS allowed at this attraction. However, if you request a glow necklace from admissions, the actors know not to touch you.
  • The attractions are immersive and interactive. This means that you may be abducted from your group or placed in a torture chair.
  • There are several “themes” that you can enjoy, including The Asylum, Flesh Factor, The Abyss, and more. They also offer Undead Paintball for an additional fee. Click here for a full list of attractions.
  • General admission is $20 per person. Get your tickets here.
  • Their calendar can be found here.

The Original Hollywood Horror Show

  • Address: 6333 Bass Mountain Rd, Snow Camp, NC 27349
  • Voted as one of the Top 10 Facebook Favorites in the U.S. on the Travel Channel, and is the largest haunted house attraction in NC.
  • Their claim to fame is that they are the only haunted house produced by Emmy Award-winning Hollywood filmmakers. With a claim like that, who wouldn’t want to check them out? You’ll likely recognize some of the sets, props, and special effects from popular films and tv shows.
  • One of their main attractions is “The Last Ride,” where you can experience laying in a coffin and being transported to your final resting place, complete with sounds, smells, and movements. Click here for a full list of the attractions they offer.
  • General admission is $25 per person. Get your tickets here.
  • Their calendar can be found here.

Haunted Forest at Panic Point

  • Address: 2808 Cedar Creek Rd, Youngsville, NC 27596
  • In the Dark Trail attraction, you’ll be blindly walking (between two ropes) through dark woods where you lose almost all visibility.
  • They offer six attractions with 27 unique scenes, including the Haunted Forest, the Dark Trail, Menacing Maze, and more. Click here for a list of attractions.
  • They do offer kid-friendly attractions like a hayride, a maze, carnival games, and a Zombie Shootout.
  • If you’re doing just the haunted forest, it’s $20, but they do offer various ticket packages. Click here to buy tickets and for more information.
  • Their calendar can be found here.


  • Address: 725 Phaniel Church Rd, Rockwell, NC 28138
  • 2016 Winner of “North Carolina Haunt of the Year” and named most entertaining haunt in the state.
  • Note that they do not accept credit cards.
  • Actors are not allowed to touch you. Tour guides are part of the show and get you involved in every scene.
  • Attractions include Twisted Saw, Boogerassic Park, 3D Splatter Room Vortex, and more! Click here for a list of attractions.
  • General admission is $20, and tickets can be bought at admissions each day, starting at 2 p.m. Their calendar and ticket information can be found here.

Kersey Valley Spooky Woods

  • Address: 1615 Kersey Valley Rd, Archdale, NC 27263
  • Featured on the Travel Channel and USA Today. Winner of this year’s must-see haunts by fans.
  • You enter the attraction through a dark, winding dirt road, but there are actors in the woods, so be warned that they are not kid-friendly.
  • They have multiple attractions that engage all the senses and include a monster makers’ studio, Terror Trams, zombie laser tag, the morgue, and so much more! Click here for a list of attractions.
  • General admission is $23 or $30, depending on what day you go. Click here to buy tickets and for more information.
  • Their calendar can be found here.

Woods of Terror

  • Address: 5601 N Church St, Greensboro, NC 27455
  • Featured on Buzzfeed and MSN
  • They don’t accept credit cards, so bring cash.
  • Actors are not allowed to touch you.
  • There’s something for everyone at Woods of Terror. Just check out this impressive list of attractions! They use real movie sets and is a polished “high tech” haunted attraction indeed. Don’t miss Chaos 3D for a mind-blowing experience.
  • Click here to buy tickets and to see their calendar. Admission is $20-50.


What do you think? Will YOU be visiting any of these haunted attractions this year? Make sure to go to the bathroom before you do, because all of these are sure to leave you jumpier than you have all year. Get ready for the thrills, chills, and screams because Halloween is upon us!


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