UNC/Carolinas HealthCare Systems Merger

UNC Health Care and Carolina HealthCare System recently announced that they are exploring a merger.  Hospital mergers tend to drive up costs and lower quality. Learn more about why this merger could be bad news for you.

UNC/Carolinas HealthCare Systems Merger: Expect 10% Higher Prices

When UNC Health Care and Carolinas HealthCare announced last fall that they intended to merge marry, they touted that the partnership would help them negotiate better deals with vendors.  What they likely wanted you to hear was “we will spend less money, and pass the savings on to you.” But there’s a reason they didn’t say it that clearly.  Read more.

Even UNC Isn't Sure the UNC/Carolinas Hospital Merger Is a Good Idea

Back in September, UNC Health Care and Carolinas HealthCare Systems announced that they wanted to merge and make one mammoth hospital system.  Actually, the term they used was “marry,” whatever that means… Read more.

Carolinas HealthCare and UNC Merger Will Probably Cost You

Last week, Carolinas HealthCare and UNC Health Care announced in a letter of intent that they are going to "join their clinical enterprises and collaborate to enhance medical education and research." This sounds nice enough, but let's take a moment to unpack what it could mean for health care costs in NC. Read more.

What Happens When Healthcare Providers Consolidate? You Pay More.

Teamwork may (sometimes) make the dream work, but when your healthcare providers team up, it can hinder your goal of saving money at your next doctor visit. Read more.