You CAN Make Your Healthcare More Affordable. Here's How.

December 05, 2016

It’s the end of the year, silver bells are ringing, and the election is finally over. We all deserve a much-needed break from what was a contentious year, to say the least.

But 2017 is around the corner, and here at the NCCFH our work is only beginning. Come January the North Carolina General Assembly will convene in Raleigh, and it will be time for us to start renew our advocacy efforts to keep healthcare costs from skyrocketing in North Carolina. We want to protect hard-working North Carolinians from the harmful financial impacts of costly healthcare mandates.

What Are Healthcare Mandates?

  • State-based legislation that impact healthcare costs.
  • Mandates can increase health insurance premiums, taking more money out of the pockets of people and small businesses across North Carolina.
  • They do this by forcing insurance companies to pay for extra benefits for certain groups or treatments. 
  • They are business-as-usual for the North Carolina General Assembly, and we want to do something about it.

How Much Do They Cost?

According to our research, mandates cost North Carolina an average of $218.7 million per year. In the past 30 years, they have cost us more than $7 billion. (That’s billion. With a “B.”)

Imagine what you could do with all that hard-earned money in your pocket. And if you can’t quite imagine, that’s okay, because we’ll have some ideas for you in next month’s blog!

How Can You Help?

Speaking of our blog...stay tuned, because this year we’ll be providing you with in-depth analysis of all mandates that appear in legislation in 2017. We’ll link you to the legislation, explain how it will drive up your costs, and help you do something about it. We’re here to give you the tools necessary to have your voice heard.

You don’t have to accept higher healthcare costs. YOU have the ability to do something about these harmful mandates so that you and your family can stop penny-pinching just to pay for healthcare.

Just sign up here, and we’ll give you the tools necessary to make your voice heard.

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