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We are a coalition of the willing. We’re tired of North Carolina’s sky-high healthcare costs, and we’re here to say something about it. We believe that advocacy is best out loud, so we’re fostering a community conversation about North Carolina’s fiscal health...and working to improve it.

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  • Let's Get Fiscal

    Mergers and Acquisitions and Deals, Oh My!

    Another healthcare merger is on the horizon. Last year brought the merger of CVS and health insurer Aetna (in a $69 billion deal), and saw UnitedHealth Group buying both Surgical Care Affiliates ($2.3 billion) and DaVita’s primary care network ($5 billion). Healthcare mergers and acquisitions continue changing the healthcare industry landscape in 2018, with Celgene Corporation eyeing a purchase that will potentially develop a new cancer-fighting drug.
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    Healthcare No Longer Lost in Translation

    Communication is key in healthcare, but for those who primarily speak another language, it can be difficult to communicate the precise details of their needs and pains. Physicians and nurses are accustomed to using telephone interpreters to speak with patients with limited English proficiency. North Carolina’s Novant Health is now using video remote interpreters to make it easier for health professionals to communicate with patients despite language barriers.
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