ABOUT The NC Coalition for Fiscal Health

We are a coalition of the willing. We’re tired of North Carolina’s sky-high healthcare costs, and we’re here to say something about it. We believe that advocacy is best out loud, so we’re fostering a community conversation about North Carolina’s fiscal health...and working to improve it.

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  • Let's Get Fiscal

    26, 1, 10, 16… How big is a group? The answer could cost you.

    This is a question that has been bouncing around the NC General Assembly a lot the past few weeks. It may seem frivolous, but it can actually have an impact on how much money many North Carolinians spend on health insurance premiums.
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    Can You Call 1 Person a Group…?

    …How about 2 people?  This is not a philosophical question.  Recently, it was suggested that the NC General Assembly allow a group as small as 1 10* could self-fund their own insurance. While this could help some people for some period of time, it’s going to also have the effect of driving up health insurance premiums for many others. In other words – it is a system that picks winners and losers.
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