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We are a coalition of the willing. We’re tired of North Carolina’s sky-high healthcare costs, and we’re here to say something about it. We believe that advocacy is best out loud, so we’re fostering a community conversation about North Carolina’s fiscal health...and working to improve it.

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    The Crystal Coast: Best Places to Stay, Play, and Eat Local

    Ready to hit the beach? This summer, keep it local. North Carolina’s own Crystal Coast is something of a hidden gem. The area known as the “southern” Outer Banks covers 85 miles of coastline with nine distinct regions, and is home to wild horses, open sand beaches, and historic charm. Here are the five best places to stay, five best places to play, and the top three places to find a full belly with a sunset view.
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    Futuristic Healthcare: The Tech Industry Is Changing the Game

    The tech industry could be poised to change the way American healthcare operates, according to Forbes Technology Council Contributor Yesi Orihuela. “Silicon Valley heavyweights are rolling up their sleeves and making moves to reinvent American health care. On the heels of the CVS-Aetna merger, Amazon announced intentions to form its own health care company with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase,” Orihuela writes. “Apple followed suit. Now there are whispers -- loud whispers -- that Google will enter the fray.”
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