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We are a coalition of the willing. We’re tired of North Carolina’s sky-high healthcare costs, and we’re here to say something about it. We believe that advocacy is best out loud, so we’re fostering a community conversation about North Carolina’s fiscal health...and working to improve it.

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  • Let's Get Fiscal

    Volunteering for Thanksgiving Across North Carolina

    They say it's better to give than to receive, and that's especially true during the year-end holiday season. But the giving doesn't have to just mean presents or money -- it can also come in the form of donating time to help those in need. Across North Carolina, volunteers are needed during the crucial and hectic holiday season to prepare meals, organize donations, and serve others. This Thanksgiving, give some of your time to helping your community. From the mountains to the coast, here’s a collection of worthy N.C. organizations that need your help this November (and beyond!).
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    How the $69 Billion CVS Health-Aetna Merger Will Affect You and Your Family

    On October 10th, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) green-lighted the $69 billion merger between two titans of the healthcare industry: pharmacy benefit manager CVS Health and healthcare insurance provider Aetna. CVS was the last large independent pharmacy manager not associated with a major insurer.
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